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Joseph’s Amazing Camels.


Camel racing is a huge sport in the Middle East and is becoming increasingly popular in the West. And here at this year’s Chagford Show is your chance to see this amazing sport. The camels and the jockeys, specially trained, wear fantastically colourful Arabian style outfits give tyou the full experience. As well as racing, the camels are on display all day so the public can meet these splendid animals and learn more about them.




Joseph Peace presents his amazing Fire Stunt Spectacular!


Using plenty of paraffin Joseph starts on a burning unicycle, performs an escapology inside a burning box, rides a burning gyroscope as it is driven around the arena and finally jumps through a wall of fire on a BMX bike wearing nothing but frilly gold knickers!

Around the Showground.

The Sheep Show

Come and be educated and entertained at the same time. Sheep shearing has been an important part of the UK sheep industry for thousands of years. Meet some rare breeds, learn about sheep and farming and watch a live performance demonstrating the challenging skills of sheep shearing.


Plus try your hand at tightrope walking with the ever popular Slackline returning to the Show this year.

Come and get up close and personal with the unusual creatures to be found at Dartmoor Reptiles! Pick up a python, tickle a tarantula or watch and learn from a distance.



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